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Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Week

Oct 6, 2020

Code Enforcement Officers have challenging and demanding roles and often do not receive recognition for the job they do in improving the quality of life for residents and businesses of local communities.

Code Enforcement Officers provide safety, health, and welfare for citizens in communities throughout the state of California through the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and ordinances dealing with various issues of building, zoning, housing, animal control, environmental, health, and life safety.

California State Legislature passed the Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) No. 283 and filed with the Secretary of State on September 7, 2018 adding the measure that annually designates the 2nd week of October as Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation week. We encourage each jurisdiction to work with their City Council’s or Board of Supervisors to approve a Proclamation to establish the 2nd week of October as Code Enforcement Officer Week within their jurisdiction.



The Community Outreach Committee is the community volunteer arm of the Orange County Bar Association. The Committee’s goal is to assist the local community in various volunteer efforts by providing community service opportunities to the OCBA and its members. In some ways, the Committee members are the face of the OCBA as perceived by residents in Orange County. It is our hope that the Committee’s volunteer work will help to create a positive image of the OCBA and the legal profession among those in the community.