Duarte Apartment Complex to be Rehabilitated After Years of Unsafe Living for Residents

May 15, 2021

*Update – On June 2, 2021, the City of Duarte hosted an informational meeting for the tenants of the apartment complex. The purpose of this meeting was for the court-appointed receiver to provide all relevant information to the tenants about the rehabilitation and sale of the property, the relocation benefits offered to the tenants, the extended time and relocation benefits the tenants will receive, and other related issues.

Although the City has no control over the sale of the property or relocation of the tenants, it has continuously fought for the tenants to obtain maximum relocation benefits and time to move.

An apartment complex located at 1001 Las Lomas in Duarte, California, was recently appointed a receiver to rehabilitate the property. For the past seven years, this property has been the focus of code enforcement, receiving numerous complaints of substandard conditions from tenants and neighbors. There are over 300 substandard conditions that tenants are currently living in. Some of these conditions include electrical hazards, exposed wiring, mold, bug infestations, significant water leaks and damage, fire hazards, termites, structural hazards, and more.

Silver & Wright LLP worked with the City to fight hard and long with the owner to bring the property into compliance and make it safe and livable for tenants. In 2018, when the owner would not comply, the Judge ordered a receiver to take control of the property. The owner has recently sold the property to the new owner, which was approved by the Judge; escrow is set to close in June.

The new buyer is working with the receiver to bring the property into compliance. Due to the destructive nature of the property, the repairs needed require the tenants to vacate the property. The owner and receiver have given the tenants adequate time to vacate the property with relocation benefits included. They were given two options.

The tenants have a right to live in dignity and habitable housing conditions, which is not this property in its current state. The tenants are not being made homeless, and the receiver has not received any calls for complaints or concerns. Recent information circulating in the media has included some inaccurate information and allegations regarding this case. We can ensure that the receiver and new owner are working with the tenants to relocate them in a respectful and dignified manner. In addition to the relocation stipend and an improvement in living conditions, the City staff has made a tremendous effort to assist the residents with the relocation process including getting in touch with over three dozen housing communities in the area with comparable pricing. 

While the City doesn’t own the property or have a say in the sale, they have advocated for maximum relocation benefits for the tenants of this property while repairs are being made. We are hopeful the new owner will be much more responsible and provide safe, healthy housing for the community.


Founding Partner, Matthew Silver


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