Founding Partner Matthew Silver joins podcast to discuss critical code enforcement legislation and dangers

Aug 10, 2021

Silver & Wright LLP Founding Partner Matthew Silver joined the podcast SACTOWN TALKS with his colleague at California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) Jamie Zeller, to discuss code enforcement officer implications. 

As a member of CACEO, Matthew generated awareness, explaining what code enforcement truly is, how the profession differs from a peace officer, sharing how CACEO is professionalizing California code enforcement, answering why the job has become increasingly dangerous and providing insight on legislation that can assist the profession. 

“At CACEO, we’re involved in a lot and continuously aiming to push the profession forward to ensure that we continue meeting statewide goals and policies that legislators are creating for us. This year our focus has been on code enforcement officer safety; but we can’t meet those goals or protect our communities if we’re not safe doing our jobs. Unfortunately, the safety standards have not caught up to the work that we’re performing.”

Matthew Silver, Silver & Wright LLP Founding Partner 

During the discussion, Matthew also touched base on Senate Bill 296, which would require every city and county to establish safety standards for code enforcement officers specific to the threats they face in their jurisdictions. 

With code enforcement officers continuously in the line of threats, assaults, batteries, and even death (in which 20 lives have been lost), right now is a critical time to learn more about the code enforcement officer profession and the dangers encountered on the job. 


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