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Katlyn Rautio


Katlyn Rautio is a paralegal at Silver & Wright Law Firm in Irvine, California.

Katlyn Rautio is a paralegal at Silver & Wright LLP.  Mrs. Rautio brings nearly 15 years of litigation support experience to the firm. Katlyn focuses mainly on Defense matters at S&W and draws on her depth of knowledge in areas of personal injury and Civil Rights. Mrs. Rautio has worked heavily in state court and is well versed in federal court procedures as well.  Katlyn’s experience in Personal Injury Litigation as well as Civil Rights Litigation has allowed her to become the go-to person for matters of substance. She builds on her expertise in Civil Rights, and personal injury matters to draft pleadings and motions as well as propound and respond to discovery requests. Katlyn has a wealth of experience in trial preparation, discovery, civil and criminal motion document drafting, and many other aspects of both civil and criminal litigation.

Katlyn Rautio is a southern California native and enjoys spending time with her family in the sunshine.

Mrs. Rautio holds a real estate license,  is a notary public and received her paralegal certificate from the ABA accredited Coastline Community College, in Costa Mesa, CA.


  • Paralegal certificate from the Coastline Community College, Costa Mesa, CA

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    Katlyn Rautio is a paralegal at Silver & Wright Law Firm in Irvine, California.

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