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Mariposa County Judge Finds Emails Prove Cooperation, Not Collusion

Jun 16, 2020

Despite recent misleading news articles alleging collusion in the Mariposa County receivership case involving Jerry Cox, a County Judge ruled (and re-affirmed) that the emails submitted by Cox’s Attorney (Mr. Angelucci) as proof were taken out of context and proved cooperation, not collusion between County Counsel, the Receiver, and Silver & Wright LLP.

The response declaration outlines how the emails were misattributed and manipulated, clearly distorting their context. For example, emails referenced by Mr. Angelucci attribute statements to the “attorney’s” (i.e., County Counsel and Silver & Wright LLP), when in fact, they were not the source of those emails, nor did they engage with those comments.


The emails between the counsel for the County and the Receiver that JDC presented to the Court were out of context or lacking context. Nothing in the emails between the counsel for the County and the Receiver shocks the conscience. The emails between counsel for the County and the Receiver do not, in any way, show any conspiracy or collusion to mislead the Court or to violate any right of JDC or its counsel. To the contrary, these emails confirm the County’s and the Receiver’s joint goal of obtaining compliance from JDC and to ensure that the subject property met the public health and safety requirements of the law, and to carry out the orders of the Court.”

F. Dana Walton

Judge for the Superior Court of Mariposa County


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