This home in Los Angeles County was abandoned, and had become a severely dilapidated single-family residential structure on the brink of collapse. The home was suffering from extreme decay, severe sanitation issues, unsafe living conditions, posed a danger the community at large and was in violation of multiple municipal codes. The roof had was in a state of disrepair, walls crumbling, molding, and falling in on themselves. The plumbing was clogged, rusted, and rotting, and the floors were on the edge of ruin. The home was the very definition of urban blight, and was a beacon for crime in the community.

Before Restoration

Demolition is a quick solution but comes with the high cost to the community of another empty lot, and adds to the State’s lack of housing. An “as-is” sale could take years to find a buyer and would hand off blight to another person; meanwhile, the home would continue to be a public safety hazard and a drag upon the community’s growth. The only true option was rehabilitation. Silver & Wright assisted the city in locating the family of the former owner, and with their cooperation, a court receiver was appointed. Thanks to these efforts, the property is a source of pride in the community; neighbors attended the open house and shared their thanks for this blighted property becoming a model in the community.

After Restoration


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