Silver & Wright LLP and The Priority Center Unite to Break the Cycle of Trauma: A Heartwarming Benefit to Support Vulnerable Families

Jun 13, 2023

In a heartfelt display of support, Silver & Wright LLP, a longstanding advocate for The Priority Center’s mission, recently hosted a Family Benefit Drive to aid the remarkable organization. The initiative, held in May 2023, collected essential items for families in need and contributed to breaking the generational cycle of trauma.

During the drive, Silver & Wright LLP staff and the community rallied together, generously donating essential newborn baby items such as diapers, wipes, bottles, diapers, tummy time mats, and car seats, which will profoundly impact the lives of those supported by The Center. The contributions will help create a meaningful difference and foster a brighter future for vulnerable families, specifically in Orange County.

“We knew we wanted to be involved,” stated Allison Sousae, Chief Operating Officer of Silver & Wright LLP. “Each employee of our firm shopped for items via a tailored newborn baby list, and each person’s contribution was with their own money. We also searched our kids’ closets for gently used items to donate to the organization.”

Sousae continued, emphasizing the focus on newborn and infant essentials: “Newborn items are so expensive. So this baby-focused initiative was important to us because children and babies don’t have control over whether they have essential items.”

Joy Long, a dedicated Paralegal at Silver & Wright LLP, coordinated the drive. Sousae commended Long’s efforts, describing her as “a joy, very kind-hearted, and loves children.” The partnership between Silver & Wright LLP and The Priority Center extends beyond this recent endeavor, as Sousae revealed the firm’s plans to participate in the Center’s backpack drive in August.

Together, the firm’s employees rallied, with more than 30 individuals internally and externally contributing items, resulting in a filled-to-the-brim donation bin. 

The organization’s Development Specialist, Wylie Peremarti, personally retrieved the bin from Silver & Wright LLP’s premises. Peremarti was highly regarded by Sousae for being hands-on, even traveling door to door with essentials for families of the organization, mitigating the need for those with a lack of transportation. 

Highlighting the significance of this philanthropic collaboration, Sousae remarked, “This type of philanthropy is hugely important because it’s local, and we often assume all children in our Orange County communities have everything. But there is a lot of need in our city and beyond. We start there. It’s children, and it’s never any fault of their own if they don’t have necessities.”

“We would love nothing more than if the community wanted to join us in the backpack drive in August. We’ll be collecting backpacks and filling them with essential items. The community is welcome to drop items off at our firm in Irvine, and we will receive them in their name. Support from the community would be the best thing ever and greatly appreciated.”

Allison Sousae

Expressing gratitude to the attorneys, partners, and paralegals who dedicated their own time and resources to make a profound impact on children’s lives, Sousae concluded, “A big thank you to our Attorneys, Partners, and Paralegals for taking their own time and using their own money to make an impact on children’s lives in our community. I’m grateful for their dedication and compassionate spirit.”

The partnership between Silver & Wright LLP and The Priority Center stems from a shared commitment to supporting the well-being of children and families. The Priority Center, formerly the Child Abuse Prevention Center, has served the community since its inception in 1983. Over the years, it has evolved into a dynamic organization with over 120 professional staff, two-thirds directly serving children, families, young adults, and adult clients.

The Priority Center offers eight programs tailored to meet specific community needs, including services for over 6,000 children and families in the previous year alone. Through their programs, they have supported more than 300,000 children and parents, empowering them to overcome the cycle of abuse and neglect.

The generosity and compassion displayed by the Silver & Wright LLP community serve as an inspiration for others to contribute and support this vital cause. As they continue their philanthropic endeavors, the hope is that more individuals and businesses will join their efforts, providing essential resources and support to help break the cycle of trauma and build a brighter future for children in the community.

Click here to learn more about The Priority Center. 


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