Silver & Wright LLP assist City of Palmdale garner cease and desist letter to remove squatters

Sep 20, 2021

The City of Palmdale partnered with Silver & Wright LLP to garner a cease and desist letter to remove squatters from two parcels of land after a year of zero progress. 

The open lot, somewhat in the middle of nowhere, became a popular encampment for the homeless and other squatters in the city.

This posed a critical threat to the safety of the squatters and the entire community due to their use of illegal gas, electrical, water, and more. 

Filled with trash, mattresses, sofas, baskets and larger items like inoperable vehicles and trailers, the City took notice. They began their administrative enforcement process but failed to garner the results they needed in a timely manner. 

“Our firm stepped in, and we helped the City issue a cease and desist letter, which gave the owners of the land a shortened time frame to get the issues resolved. We were able to get the owners and the property management’s attention and sat down with Palmdale City Council to negotiate a resolution to avoid a nuisance abatement action in court,”

Silver & Wright LLP Partner Valerie Escalante Troesh

Silver & Wright  LLP also negotiated a compliance agreement with the property owners to meet key deadlines until the property was completely restored. 

Today, this lot in Palmdale is beautiful, free of critical hazards, and completely restored. 


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