Silver & Wright LLP assists City of Hawthorne attain receivership to transform blighted property

May 7, 2021

Silver & Wright LLP brought forth its legal expertise to attain a receivership on behalf of the City of Hawthorne to transform a 1920’s home after being abandoned for over 15 years.

For many years, neighbors to the blighted house filed complaints to the Hawthorne Police Department, who then gained assistance from the Code Enforcement department to assess the property’s condition.

Neighbors wanted the property torn down due to its dangerous attributes, which consisted of a collapsing roof, numerous pigeon nests across the roof, bird feces, debris scattered throughout the inside and around the home, an untamed yard, and cracks in the foundation of the home.

Due to the property’s condition, Silver & Wright LLP was called upon by the City of Hawthorne to petition the court to appoint a receiver to take control of the property.

“Through the court appointed third-party receiver, the house was completely renovated and brought up to code,” said Silver & Wright LLP Founding Partner Matthew Silver. “We’re proud to see a property that was once known as the “pigeon house” transformed into the beauty that it is today, increasing both its home value and the entire value of the neighborhood.”

Upon completion of the renovations, the home was listed for sale and generated interest from multiple buyers; it quickly sold in 2018.

This property is the first house to be processed through the City’s Health and Safety Receivership Program, which was designed to enhance the safety and overall well being of neighborhoods across the City.


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