Silver & Wright LLP Partner Matthew Silver advocates for more code enforcement legislation efforts

Jun 2, 2021

Silver & Wright LLP Partner Matthew Silver joined Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation’s Lifeline Podcast to discuss the implications of code enforcement legislation.

Silver, a certified code enforcement officer and serves as the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers chair, says it’s critical that more code enforcement organizations get involved in legislation in the state and across the nation. 

“I encourage our code enforcement organizations to take an incremental approach to create lasting change. Public safety in the non-criminal context is becoming an increasingly important issue, and a lot of code enforcement organizations are behind in terms of making sure these officers have all the tools and protections needed to navigate through policy when it comes to policing and quality of life issues that directly affect our communities.”

Matthew Silver

He says that his overall goal in relation to the field of code enforcement is to benefit the profession by increasing education, elevating professionalism, enhancing safety, and ensuring that the laws in place are equitable and logical.

For any code enforcement organization that is just lifting off the ground or experienced but may be stuck in the middle of searching for methods on how to strengthen code enforcement laws and resources, Silver has recommendations on how to get you started. 

“In order to tackle legislation, first you need to work from the ground up to garner support and create everlasting change. Figure out what you’re looking to accomplish and determine the priorities. Next, I recommend building relationships with legislators to strengthen their buy-in, collaborate with other organizations and create a website.”

Matthew Silver

With so many benefits of code enforcement legislation, it’s vital that these essential officers gain the tools, resources, and legislation that they need to continue positively impacting and protecting our communities. 

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