Silver & Wright LLP Shares Intellectual Capital with CACEO

Jun 17, 2020

While COVID-19 has precipitated restrictions and requirements impeding traditional conferences and classes, Silver & Wright remains committed to ensuring that code enforcement officers have the information, resources, and tools they need to serve their communities—particularly during this unprecedentedly volatile time.

“As professionals dedicated to supporting not only municipalities but also the code enforcement community that serves them, our work has become even more significant because of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Founding Partner Curtis Wright. “Although we can’t gather in person, Silver & Wright will leverage technology to provide code enforcement officers with current relevant education that will help them rise to the occasion.”

This summer, five Silver & Wright attorneys will teach webinars to California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) members.

CACEO provides training and professional development that helps municipal code enforcement officers perform their duties and remain informed about trends, regulations, and safety procedures.

Silver & Wright team members including Partners Matthew Silver, Curtis Wright, and John Fujii, and Attorneys Rene Farjeat, Valerie Escalante Troesh, and Scott Kalter will deliver knowledge and insight on a variety of topics during thirteen CACEO webinars.

First, John will present “Code Enforcement Officers Get Sued—What You NEED to Know!,” a deep dive into the legal pitfalls that code enforcement officers may face, including common legal claims made against code enforcement officers and how code enforcement officers can protect themselves.

Later in June, Valerie’s presentation, “Use of Technology-Based Platforms Amid COVID-19,” will provide insight on how COVID-19 has caused usage of technology-based platforms to gain momentum across multiple levels of code enforcement, from property inspections to administrative hearings, and offer insight on best practices for their use to ensure a strong code case and prevent legal missteps.

In July, Rene will present “Due Process, It Applies to YOU!,” an overview of the main tenets of due process in code enforcement actions that will provide attendees with a general understanding of due process requirements and discuss notice requirements, including contents of notice and service methods, as well as hearing requirements. Rene also will present on “Drugs, Gangs, Prostitution,” touching on code enforcement actions involving drugs, gangs, and prostitution violations, including such topics as the current state of the law, common complications in enforcement actions, best strategies to ensure success for public agencies, and recent and expected changes in laws.

Additionally, Matthew will discuss the resources and insights needed to identify and combat substandard housing as well as offer solutions for relocation benefits for tenants in his July session, “Approaches and Tools to Combat Substandard Housing.”

In late July and August, Scott will cover how counties or cities can successfully remove abandoned vehicles to remove a public safety hazard in his session, “Vehicle Abatement 101.” In his webinar, “Administrative Citations and Fines,” Scott will also offer his insight into how cities can utilize administrative citations and fines to gain compliance with the law and avoid criminal citations.

Post-summer, Curtis will be presenting three seminars for the annual CACEO Conference that will be virtual this year, on “Sober Living Facilities,” “Drugs, Gangs, & Human Trafficking,” and “Sidewalk Vending and Microenterprise Home Kitchens.” Matthew will also be presenting two seminars on “Substandard Housing” and “Legal Updates.”

“We are honored to support CACEO by providing code enforcement officers with the knowledge and resources to face problems and help their communities,” said Curtis. “This summer, we are presenting, pro bono, on a broad range of topics and are excited to share information and exchange perspectives with our law enforcement colleagues.”

CACEO’s mission is to promote and advance the profession of code enforcement while serving and supporting its members by offering comprehensive education and certification, providing legislative advocacy on issues of importance to the code enforcement profession, and facilitating a network for an exchange of information and technology. For more information about CACEO, including upcoming events, visit

Silver & Wright LLP attorneys deliver municipal legal services, specializing in receiverships, nuisance abatement, public safety, and lawsuit defense. Leveraging their unique experience, cutting-edge legal concepts, and effective use of existing laws, they help cities and counties throughout California increase public safety, combat blight, and save funds. Silver & Wright’s passion for code enforcement is reflected in their volunteer service and legislative advocacy.


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